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COVID-19 UPDATE - Please do not meet other households on site. Bookings need to be for one household or bubble only.

Bark Parks are only staffed during Dog Socials, Training and Doggy Day Camp. If you wish to get in touch with us then please do via our details on the Contact Us page

Our parks are located at the junction of Willaston Road and Willowbrow Road in Raby. The closest postcode to us is CH64 1RU, but please note that we do not have our own postcode. 


Splash and Dash, Raby


Splash ... and Dash! As the name suggests, Splash and Dash is our fun, wet and wild Bark Park! This park is open and natural and contains a large natural swimming pool, and nestled away in one corner some doggy play equipment and a huge doggy sandpit.

This park also has a separate area which can be used if required - handy for groups or owners who want to keep their dogs out of the water! This park is flat, well maintained but does have occasional holes from dogs who have enjoyed digging - so please watch your step. As always, this park is enclosed, has a double gated entrance area (which you can drive in to to securely unload your dogs) and was purpose built.

Please note: if you have a dog who is reactive to other dogs, you may want to close the gate to the smaller area. This will prevent your dog from coming close to another dog who may be entering our Mellow Meadow Bark Park.

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Mellow Meadow, Raby


Mellow Meadow is our relaxing, open, enclosed and  purpose built Bark Park. Nestled in a secluded wooded corner, Mellow Meadow is away from the hustle and bustle of the road and passers by. It has a natural feel with meadow grass and occasional flowers and is always a little unkept! This park doesn’t have a swimming pool, nor does it have doggy play equipment. Our meadow is to be enjoyed as it is.

Like all Bark Parks, this park has a double gated entrance and exit area, to provide safety and ease of access when multiple dogs are being walked. This park is fenced with 5ft 5 high fencing, to deter even the most tempted escape artist, and the fencing has small apertures, to prevent little heads getting trapped. As always, the land is flat, and drains well.

Please note: To access this park, unless you have a 4x4, please park on the lay-by outside. Parking on site is entirely at your own risk. Additionally,you will be required to walk through the 100m secure entrance area. For the less mobile, you may prefer to visit our Splash and Dash Bark Park instead. This 100m walkway shares a boundary with our Splash and Dash Bark Park, so if you have a dog reactive dog, you may wish to keep him on the lead in this area.

Pawprint IconAs with any Bark Park, please makes sure that you wear wellies or appropriate footwear. Don't forget your poo bags and please bring your own water if you would like to give your dog a drink at the end of your session.