Dogs Love Bark Parks

The Home Of The UK's Only Bark Parks


What We Do

Dogs Love Bark Parks! Dogs Go own and run purpose built, fully secure dog parks known as Bark Parks™. We offer Doggy Day Camp, Private Hire and we run lots of events, just for your dog!


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Bark Parks

Who Are We

Dogs Go was founded by Sarah, a dog enthusiast, dog trainer and long time dog owner. Sarah has trained practically in Canine First Aid, Canine CPR and is proud to have obtained many qualifications in dog training and dog behaviour with the prestigious Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and the School of Canine Science.

We do this because..

​We love dogs - and we see dogs as family members and as friends - far more than just pets!


Our mission is simple...

​To love, care for and protect each dog - as if it were our own!


Our goal is clear..

To enhance the life of dogs! We do this by offering group socialisation, mental stimulation, exercise and love in safe and supervised environment.