Dog Playtimes & Puppy Socialisation

We've got a jam packed schedule with a range of events including Puppy Socialisation, Breed Meet Ups and Dog Playtimes organised by size, weight & play style.

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What in the woof are dog playtimes?

They are regular, off lead indoor and outdoor playtime sessions for dogs. Good times guaranteed. We've got puppy sessions, medium sessions, even big big dog sessions. Does your dog like to run and swim? Our Raby outdoor dog playtimes are set over acres of land with access to a swimming pool. Maybe your dog prefers to be inside with toys and a ball pit? Our Upton indoor playtimes could be for you!





The rules

First time visiting us? Please arrive on time. You need to bring your vaccination card and we need to give you a little induction and meet your dog!

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These off-leash, busy events are for friendly, well socialised dogs who have no behaviour issues with other dogs. 

Pawprint IconTickets are essential. You cannot pay on arrival.

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These event's are not suitable for poorly socialised dogs, dogs with any history of aggression or rescue dogs who you 'do not know' how they will behave. 

Pawprint IconNo entire males over 12 months nor females in season. For large breed meet ups or our Big Dog Playtime, we do not permit entire males over 6 months. For females please wait three weeks after bleeding before you visit.

Pawprint IconFor outside events, wear walking boots or wellies and bring your own treats, poo bags and water.

Pawprint IconOver six months of age dogs must be extremely well socialised.

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Bark Parks can be busy places full of dogs running around at high speed. We do not recommend that the elderly, the infirm, pregnant or the very young attend. Attendance is at your own risk and the risk of those in your party. Children must refrain from playing on equipment.

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We reserve the right to turn away dogs whom give us cause for concern.

If you are in any way unsure about your dog's suitability for an event - call us on 0333 444 1236 or email and we will advise and help you!