About Dogs Go

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Dogs Go Founder Sarah

Who is Sarah?

​Dogs Go was founded by Sarah, a dog enthusiast, dog trainer and long time dog owner. Sarah has trained practically in Canine First Aid, Canine CPR and is proud to have obtained many qualifications in dog training and dog behaviour with the prestigious Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and the School of Canine Science.

Where it began

​Following completion of her LLB(Hons) Law Degree, Sarah worked for over three years for an international FMCG. It was during this time that she did a lot of travelling. Following multiple trips to America , Sarah realised the value and benefit of dog parks- to local communities, dog owners and most importantly, to the dogs! The Bark Park is an attempt to combine all the positives of a traditional dog park whilst minimising any associated risk. Sarah has owned dogs for over 20 years and has trained and loved dogs since she was a child.

The Team


Dogs Go Trainer Steffi And Dog


Dogs Go Trainer Tom And Dog


Dogs Go Van And Trainer Craig With Dog


Dogs Go Trainer Dave With Dogs


Dogs Go Trainer And Founder Sarah