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To order please email or text or call us on 0333 444 1236 or 07824 532484 and you will pay via bank transfer. Please specify breed or size of dog when ordering.You can collect for free from CH60 or the Bark Park or have your items delivered for £3 the next day.



 Doggy Goodie Bags - £20, £30 or £40








'A chew a day keeps the doggy dentist away.’

You don’t need to buy high fat, cereal based so called ‘dental sticks’ to clean your dogs teeth - natural treats are far better at doing the job and contain far less fat and calories, more minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids. These are great to keep dogs occupied!


NEW: Super long (40-50cm) Buffalo Tails- £4.00great for bigger dogs, super chewers. This is pure meat.

NEW: Braided Lamb Stick - 0.50p - great for puppies and small dogs, hypoallergenic, low odour, tasty

NEW: Rabbit Ears 0.50p - hypoallergenic, great for puppies, low odour, pure protein

NEW: Beef Trachea - £1.50 - low fat, tasty, hypoallergenic, great for puppies, pure protein

NEW: Lamb Tail - £1.00 - great for puppies and small dogs, hypoallergenic, low odour, tasty

NEW: Wrapped Beef Trachea - £2.00 - great for bigger dogs, long lasting, 

NEW: Lamb Ears - £0.50 - great for puppies and small dogs, hypoallergenic, low odour, tasty

Buffalo Horn - £4.50 Standard Size - longest lasting chew we offer, great for medium/big dogs

NEW: Lamb Tripe - £3.00 - great for puppies and small dogs, nutrient dense, hypoallergenic, low odour, tasty, bit smelly

XL Buffalo Ribs - £2.50 for two- a really long lasting chew, great for medium/big dogs 

BACK IN STOCK: XL Buffalo Ear with Meat - £1.50 - Irresistible to dogs, long lasting, suitable for all

NEW: Medium Buffalo Ear with Meat - £1.00 - Irresistible to dogs, long lasting, suitable for all

Beef Tripe Sticks - 60p each - Grain free, gluten free, can be a chew or training aid, high protein 

XL Buffalo Pizzle - £2.00-  Suitable for all, super thick, long-lasting, grain and gluten free

Pig Ear (Iberian) - £1.50 - Lower fat than normal pig ears, grass fed, a bit smaller but thicker, a different flavour 

Pig Ear - £1.00 - Large, Great quality, tasty and always popular!

Beef Tails (Extra Thick) - £2.00 - Long lasting, high cartilage content means great for power chewers,  great for all sizes of dog, low odour

Chicken Feet (puffed or normal) - 50p - great source of glucosamine (greats for joint health and joint pain), really tasty and highly digestible. 

Buffalo Meat Twists - 50p- full of omega-3, from grass fed buffalo, no odour

Calf Hoof - £1.50 - can be stuffed, long lasting, low odour- loved by dogs! Ideal for smaller mouths

NEW: Rolled Beef Cheek Meat Slice - £1.00 for 2-  Super low fat, hight protein, delicious



We are huge believers in positive training - what better way to re-enforce a good behaviour than with a nutritionally dense and delicious treat?

Sprats! (85g) - £2.50 - packed with Omega 3, contains 6 fish acids to promote healthy skin and coat, highly digestible protein, no additives, no preservatives, grain free and gluten free

NEW: Liver Strips - £5.00 -  Nutrient dense,  bacteria free,  air dried, low fat - dogs adore this!

NEW: Natural Beef Twists- £1.00 for 2 - Tasty, softer chew, high protein, no carb

NEW: Lamb Spaghetti - £3.00 - Low fat, hypoallergenic, high protein, air dried to maintain goodness and flavours 

Pure Meat Sticks (50g) Salmon - £2.50

Pure Meat Sticks (50g) Rabbit - £2.50

Pure Meat Sticks (50g) Venison - £2.50

Pure Meat Sticks (50g) Lamb -£2.50

Pure Meat Sticks (50g) Chicken - £2.50

NEW: Pure Meat Sticks (50g) Duck - £2.50

NEW: Pure Meat Sticks (50g) Kangaroo - £2.50

NEW: Pure Meat Sticks (50g) Venison - £2.50




These are some of our favourite KONG and LICKIMAT toys - all are tough, durable and interesting. We are proud to stock the latest LickiMat too, the ‘Splash’ which makes bath time and grooming a doodle!

KONG ‘Gyro’ Treat Dispenser & Game (small/medium dogs) - £8.00

KONG ‘Wild Knots’ Dog Toy (medium / large dogs) - £8.00

KONG ‘Wubba’ (small dogs) - £5.00

KONG ‘Wubba’ Ballastic (medium / large dogs) - £8.00

LICKIMAT ‘Splash' - £8.00

LICKIMAT ‘Buddy Delux’ - £6.00



Because bathing your pet too often can strip away essential oils from his coat - these safe sprays help to eliminate nasty odours and keep him smelling fresh.


Doggy Perfume - Star Pups / Heaven Scent - £5.50

Puppy Dental Kit - £6.00





All of our products are hand picked and additive and preservative free, air dried where possible, low odour, non greasy, low fat - and darned tasty according to our resident dog testers!

Delivery is £3 (on Wirral) or you can collect for free from CH60 or the Bark Park. 

Minimum order for delivery is £20.