Bark Park Event Terms & Conditions

You must agree to our terms and conditions prior to attending.

Bark Park Event Terms & Conditions


We are The Dogs Go Group LTD ("us/we") and we control the Dogs Go website and all of our dog parks or Bark Parks . We are wholly owned by The Dogs Go Group LTD.

We are an English company with registered company number: 10575728 and our registered office is at 18 Border Road, Heswall, Wirral.


  1. Dogs over 6 months are required to be extremely well socialised prior to attending. They must have no history of dog aggression and no history of behaviour problems involving fear or aggression of humans, or fear or aggression of other dogs. Bark Park events are not suitable for under socialised or poorly socialised dogs. 
  2. Entire males over 12 months are prohibited, and entire young males under 12 months may not be suitable.
  3. Females in season are prohibited.
  4. Dogs with heart conditions or epilepsy should seek veterinary approval before attending.
  5. Children or adults must not play or walk on dog play equipment. Children must be supervised at all times. 
  6. Bark Parks are used at your own risk. By using a Bark Park, you accept all risks inherent to a dog playing outside and you assume all responsibility for your dog and anything that happens to your dog whilst using a Bark Park.
  7. Despite careful and proper preparation by Dogs Go, when dogs are playing outdoors and off lead, there is a risk of serious injury, including death to the dog, it’s owner, handler or other persons or animals. By using the Bark Park you accept this risk. 
  8. Dogs Go makes no claim that Bark Parks including Splash and Dash and Mellow Meadow are escape proof or totally secure. Despite careful preparation by Dogs Go, it is impossible to guarantee that Bark Parks are totally secure.
  9. By using the Bark Parks, you accept all risks, including but not limited to:
    • The propensity of any dog to behave in a dangerous way, dangerous to itself, it’s owner, another handler  or another animal.
    • The inexperience, negligence or irresponsibility of an owner or handler 
    • The inability to predict a dog’s reaction to movement, sounds, persons or other animal.
    • Natural reactions such as jumping, pulling, resisting or biting
    • Inclement weather 
    • Slips and falls 
    • Premises defects, including holes dug by dogs or holes in fencing caused by animals, or holes or damage caused by acts of vandalism. 
    • Equipment failure (our play equipment is for dogs, not children or adults) 
    • All other circumstances inherent to dogs and/or outdoor activities.


By attending a Bark Park event, you understand that you are solely responsible for supervising your dog and determining whether this is a suitable activity for them and for all in your party. By attending, you understand that you are participating in this activity at your own risk, and the risk of your dogs and all in your party. By using the Bark Park® I expressly assume the risk and legal liability, and you waive and release all claims for injuries, damage, loss, costs and expenses, regardless of severity or amount, which you or your dog may encounter or sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities associated with the Bark Park® and Dogs Go.